At Moving On we appreciate that although some clearances can be linked to a happy event, like a promotion on new addition to a family, many will arranged be at a distressing, sad time. If you have never been in this situation before you can be assured that we will give you experienced advice and respect your wishes, so that the very best outcome is assured.

Moving On… whether it’s to pastures new, up-sizing/down-sizing or a relative who has gone to their final destination, we can provide the required service for your needs. We purchases single items, part clearances or carry out full clearances of any property, including lofts and outbuildings.

Unlike many clearance companies, we do not simply assess the weight of the goods and automatically charge you for disposal to landfill. We photograph all the items ad provide a quotation showing a breakdown of costs and prices we will give for goods. As a recycling/reuse business the environment is important to us and we aim to save goods if they are saleable. We also sort glass, paper card or clothing and deposit then in recycling banks and charity shops, which not only helps the environment but also lessens any costs to yourself.

If you would prefer an environmentally friendly, caring service, please call or message us.